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Konami Contra versus the world, a comedy article you can't resist

April 13, 2015

Have you ever seen cross-over parodies of your favorite games, done for the sake of seeing what they would look like if they blended together? By the fans yes, but also even by game companies, with Kingdom Hearts being one of them. Who would have thought Disney and Final Fantasy would join up for a quest?

But the world of comedy has no boundaries, and no limit to what it can make fun of in the gaming market. Even good games can spark a good laugh or two, not because they deserve it, but for the sake of seeing what it would be like if you put two totally different games together and made a cross-over parody of them.

Konami's own Contra has had more than its share of such parodies, as YouTube fans have put together an assortment of videos that take Contra, and mix it with other well known titles such as Duck Hunt, Paperboy, Super Mario Bros, and even Metal Slug.

You can decide which one is your favorite pick of the litter. Special thanks to each of these folks for taking time of their day to put these videos together to give us an idea of what they would be like if they mixed up.

As for the future of Contra, I know that many of you have been waiting for a new Contra game to be released on your favorite system. It has been a while, and unless you had an Android or iOS device, then you may have missed out on Evolution, which was basically a remake for the classic version. So is it time for a new title to be announced?

One fan thinks so, and wants to see it released on the PS4. You can check out his video at the bottom. I can't say I blame him, as the famous run and gun shooter game was part of what put Konami on the map to start with. If they did announce a new production, what would you like to see in it, and what style of new graphics should be implemented?

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