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Konami could be making its way to the good old games website soon

August 27, 2015

Throw another unconfirmed rumor on the grill, as according to post at NeoGAF recently, a photo was uploaded showing that Konami was added to GOG, a site dedicated to "good old games", or older PC and MAC games that waved bye bye years ago. Such titles include Doom, Ultima, and even Baldur's Gate. Those in my age group will know those games pretty well, making me feel somewhat old at that.

As a reminder, this of course is an unconfirmed rumor, but if true you just might see some Konami games appear there soon. Other well known companies seem to be a part of the same mix which also include Namco Bandai. While Konami isn't the biggest player in the world when it comes to PC games, they do have a few up their sleeve, and here is hoping that a few good old games make it there safe and sound.

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