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Konami SYNKROS Casino Management System

October 27, 2014

There isn't a lot of folks out there that realize that Konami also has a hand in the casino market. One thing they are well known for in that particular business is their SYNKROS casino management system. Northwind is aware of it, and wants to partner with Konami in making use of their system for casino based hotels.

That's some pretty high dollar stuff right there. According to Tom Soukup, who is Vice President of Konami's R&D division, he stated in an interview on the matter....

“Northwind and Konami worked closely to create an interface that shares player rewards point information with the Maestro PMS. The integration provides enhanced guest service at casino resorts through faster point redemption.

At casino resorts managed by SYNKROS, guests with a loyalty program membership may be instantly recognized during check-in at any resort with the Maestro PMS. This creates total-property guest recognition since guests’ point totals are available for verification or redemption at the front desk and other outlets.”

Did you know that Konami actually started out as a jukebox rental company? Who would've though of that, and yet it's true. For some quick samples of how their casino setup looks, check out some photos and a video below of their how cool their machines look. You just might find yourself one day in front of one if your feeling a bit lucky.

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