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Konami Twin 16 arcade games you probably didn't know about

June 19, 2015

Generations come and generations go. Such is the case with the arcade industry, which hasn't been quite the same since its decline which started around 1992. The cause? Well that is a relevant issue, so take your pick. There were a number of things that took place in the early 90s that led to the downfall of what was once a great arcade in your local area.

For starters game systems like the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis started pumping out games that looked pretty darn close to their arcade counterparts, so the need to dish out your quarters to play those games at the arcade became more and more unnecessary. 

Then there was the increased cost of making arcade games altogether. As time went on, hardware became more complex, especially as we entered the realm of 3D branded games. As with any new type of cutting edge technology, the more complex, the more it costs.

Here where I live in Knoxvillle, Tn the biggest arcade shut down back in 2002, after having been open for over 27 years. Although some establishments are trying to change that.

Img source

Look hard.....I do believe that is Frogger in the background my friends. Oh to have a time machine and make good use of it.

That puts its starting gate in the era of the 1970s for crying out loud. Sad was a day with that one, and once its gone,'s gone.

But that doesn't mean we can't relive those days in some way or another. One such was of course is through M.A.M.E., or "Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator", so to speak, which is all about the preservation of these fine gems from the golden days of gaming. I'll leave that up to you in finding out more about that in your own way of course.

For starters, here are three classics that made use of one of Konami's many arcade boards. This one being the "Twin 16" hardware. You've likely only heard of one of them, as for the other two, well they have their place in history as well.

Cue Brick is not your average run of the mill puzzle game. Your goal is to navigate all the path pieces to the right places, which sounds quite easy, until you get into the mix of things and discover it gets somewhat difficult as things move along. Yet the is another one of those addicting games that's hard to put down.

I know what you're thinking. What was on the minds of the people that made these arcade flyers? Well, during that particular time frame it was considered rather cool looking. Dark Adventure, also known as Devil World looks like it borrowed a few elements from the Indiana Jones series.

Yes, you play as an archeologist alright, who is transported into the demon world after opening a coffin at a press conference. From the looks of things there is a dash of Gauntlet blended in with the action. Thoughts of Indiana Jones might be ringing in your head right about now. Give this one a whirl and see what I mean.

Wait what? Yet another cover art taken from a famous movie? Should I be surprised? Konami did it again folks! Yeah,....this time with Star Wars. I guess they really love movies.....or at least movie covers. :)

What can I say? It's a bird, it's a plane,'s Gradius 2! You know the name, which also travels space under the name "Vulcan Venture" as you can see from the arcade flyer above.

A direct follow up to the original hit shooter, this one takes it a step further, adding more realism and better graphics thanks to the Twin 16 hardware. A must play for any shooter game fan.

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see this arcade flyer? Besides the fact that it has a cute looking woman with 80s hair held by enough hair spray to kill a horse. Well if you're thinking about Chuck Norris in the movie "Missing in Action", you're not too far off course.

Also known as "Rush N' Attack", M.I.A. borrows from hit movies like Rambo and Missing in Action starring Norris, and was also released on the NES 8-bit console. Run and gun fans take note.

What is with Konami and these.........beautiful 80s girls on the front cover? Someone over at headquarters is a bit lonely don't you think? Oh well, sports and women do go together like pizza and pepperoni right? If you're a fan of boxing games, you can't do much worse than to pick up this lost in time gem and give it a go.

Be sure to bring a friend along, so you can show him how not to get your butt kicked. The Final Round gets the final pick for the Twin 16 hardware. If you like these games and more, then be sure to check out a personal favorite website of mine called System16, where you can once again check out some more've probably never heard of.

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