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Konami Wars - Attack of the Final Fight clones

March 23, 2015

Picture yourself back in 1989, it's the height of the popularity of the arcade scene. Pretty much everything will run you just one quarter. Unlike today's machines which can cost as much as 3 bucks, and sometimes even take credit cards to boot. That year, the company of Capcom had released a much anticipated Final Fight, a side scrolling beat 'em up type game, right off the old chipping block.

The board it was running on, the "Capcom Play System 1" board had boasted some of the best graphics available at the time, and featured characters that were somewhat bigger than players were used to. Cody, Mike Haggar, and Guy were the main protagonists, and left a taste in the mouths of gamers wanting more after playing a game that felt like you were really beating the crap out of some bad guy. So who wouldn't want more of that?

Since then a number of game companies decided to jump on board the Final Fight bandwagon, and introduced their own renditions of beat 'em up games, with Konami on board all the way. In 1993, they too had unleashed a clone called "Violent Storm", a game after the heart of at the time was traditional side scrolling fighting games.

Based on the "Mystic Warriors" arcade game board, Violent Storm takes place just after the events of World War III, where a torn world is trying desperately to pick up the pieces and rebuild a new civilization, but there are always those who want to stand in the way and make trouble for their own personal gains. That's where your main characters come into play, to protect the innocent and fearful.

This is partly where Violent Storm does stray away from a typical setting, with its apocalyptic type world dominated by "The Geld Gang", and allows up to three players on screen at once. You must traverse through 7 unique stages ranging from a declined city dwelling, to a train level and beyond. There is a bonus level if you manage to finish the whole game on just a single credit, and hats off to you if you're good enough to do that my friend.

I highly recommend trying this one out if you can get your hands on it, as it has more than a few merits to keep you and your gaming friends busy on a Friday or Saturday night. Not to mention a game soundtrack that will have you pumping up the volume on your stereo. Take a look at a full long play video below and see what I mean.

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