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Konami X-Men arcade board based games you grew up with

March 22, 2015

Getting old doesn't have to mean falling out of love with the awesome games you grew up with does it? Of course not, but as time goes on, technology improves and games get better looking, but to they really get "better"? A challenging question meant only for a certain generation of people, as many folks simply can't understand the magic behind the golden years of gaming.

During the early 90s the arcade industry had pretty much peaked out when it comes to popularity. People were having Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat tournaments, while others were better off relaxed with their favorite cabinet, a slice of pizza, and a soft drink.

Unfortunately all good things sometimes come to and end, and the arcade gaming market was no exception to the rule. Consoles were catching up with arcade quality graphics, and new machines were getting more and more expensive to build as technology improved. It seemed the arcade industry was doomed to end for a business that had thrived and survived since the 1970s.

Oh, they are still around, just in much smaller numbers. That doesn't mean the experience can't be relived, and here are yet a few more examples of what I mean. Remember X-Men The Arcade Game? Sure, that little Konami gem took the world by storm, and offered up to 6 players at once depending on which version machine you had access to.

Konami also decided to use that same board for a few others you may not have known about. Three known titles to be precise. Let's take deep look shall we? Including the famous mutant heroes themselves.

X-Men - The Arcade Game

Better have your quarters ready, because many a gamer spent half of their paycheck getting through this one. Your favorite characters are here, Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Cyclops, and more ready to take on the forces of Magneto and his minions.

This is one of those few times in history where comic book to video game transitions were done quite well. You could do a lot worse than to fire up this puppy again and relive some faithful memories from your youth.


The Simpsons Arcade Game

Does it even need any introduction? Season after season after season, they just kept pumping out more and more episodes of the famous hit TV show, and so why not have Konami make a game for it? It seemed only fair and just to the fans, and as soon as it hit the floor of the local arcades, you and three of your friends took advantage and started shelling out those quarters like its going out of style. Who can blame them?


Escape Kids

Truth is often stranger than fiction, and Escape Kids has to be one of those hard to find games that most probably never knew about. Oh yea, this one is actually making use of the X-Men arcade board, and somewhat reminds of you of "Super Off Road", where humans replace the trucks.

While Konami is known for its Track & Field series, this has to be one of the strangest games they've ever made, and yet fun. Kids racing through obstacle courses filled with traps and other dangers.......why not?


Vendetta / Crime Fighters 2

Yeah, I know what you're thinking,......another Final Fight clone right? Well, not exactly. Vendetta or "Crime Fighters 2" as it is also called somewhat takes the side scrolling beat 'em up franchise and moves it up a notch. Sure the characters you use look like Tito Jackson, Hulk Hogan, some random blonde guy, and Mr. T, but we like it that way don't we?

This is not your sisters game, and while it has graffiti in it ranging from "Punks Rule", and "Partners in Crime" stuck to the walls which might not be the best message to send to the world, it is an accurate depiction of street life and the riffraff that goes along with it. It gets a thumbs up in my book. Now if I was only that guy with the red shirt in the arcade flyer above next to that pretty lady.

Arcade hardware is one of my specialties, and a personal hobby of mine. If you are into arcade collecting, and wish to show your stuff to the world, feel free to post a link to your website or material and I will take a look at it and just might do an article on it for you to share with others.

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