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Konami YuGiOh Card Game Station gets a visit from NerdReactor

December 2, 2014

Oh to have the vacation time to do the things you enjoy. One is such that involves a visit to the home of gaming itself, Japan. On a visit to the console-arcade capital of the world was Chris Del Castillo of Nerd-Reactor, a site dedicated to many things technology and gaming related.

Along with his visit was the cue to stop by a place I've been wanting to visit for a long time myself, that being Konami Card-Game Station, the 2nd floor up from Konami Style where you can find all things YuGiOh TCG related, and then some.

Indeed, the famous trading card game that has exceeded far beyond the 25 billion card sold barrier is also famous for its really long list of merchandise. That which you would want sitting in your living room includes such items as game mats, action figures, posters, and oh of course, a huge buffet of any YuGiOh cards you can think of.

Japan never stops there, as you will find the gaming market has even surfaced into the food industry. How about noodles that are designed to look like guts? Sound creepy?, it should because these guts are based on the hit survival horror game Silent Hill. See here for something that will make you lose your appetite, or if you're that certain someone,.....enhance it.

On an even brighter note, YuGiOh Trading Card Game fans can catch many of their favorite show and be able to site back and watch episodes online for free after the welcomed launch of the new site last April. Information on characters, cards, and other news events can also be found there, along with of course, your favorite anime episodes, which even now as you read this is still expanding to other parts of the world. See photos below for a reason to drool.


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