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Lauren Liebowitz is not some floozy when it comes to game music

October 9, 2014

Lauren Liebowitz is her name, and playing video game music with her flute is her game. She also has another passion. She is a huge fan of the Suikoden game series, as well as many other old school RPG games to boot. As with the previous post about her, this one too is another great performance from her, this time covering the great song "Reminiscence" from Suikoden II.

Like before with the Dragon Knight Fortress "An Old Irish Song", Lauren whips out not only her flute as she always does, but also has both a vocal and piano cover to go with it.

From the video you can not only see how talented she is with the flute, but how wonderful her voice is to go along with it. Makes you want to fire up your old Playstation and play the game once again right? Suikoden 2 was also hailed as the best in the series, and the most expensive due to the fact that only a limited number was printed. As a result you can easily find copies of it on the Internet with price tag of up to $600!

Certainly enough to wipe out some pay checks out there. So take a look, and an even better listen to "Lauren the Flute" below, and then take a trip to her online digital album store, where you can purchase and sample other tunes by her, as well as learn a thing or two about Lauren herself.

The video is also accompanied by a new album announcement as well. Not some opera floozy, but definitely someone worth listening to.

via Lauren the Flute

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