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Lauren the Flute releases two renditions of music from the Suikoden series

October 16, 2015

A bit late on this one, but better late than never. Lauren the Flute has struck gold again, this time with another two great renditions from the Suikoden series. Suikoden has to be the best RPG game ever to land in your living room. So much so that for years now fans have been begging Konami to make a new game.

So far the response has been somewhat rewarding, as the powers that be have seen fit to release the first 3 games in the series, with a decent chance that IV and V just might make it out as well if we are lucky enough.

As for Lauren, I've been following her performances on YouTube for some time now, and can honestly say that this lady has the kind of talent to move mountains.

So far she's already done one for Silent Hill, which to this day still blows my mind. As always here she goes again with one of her favorite games she loves so much, and who can blame her right?

This time it's "Imprisoned Town" from Suikoden II, featuring voice and flute cover. The second is Theme of Moonlit Night, which is from more than one in the series and yet another personal favorite of mine. You can check them both out below, and if you like them as much as I did, feel free to subscribe to her YouTube channel, as she has a habit of making more where these two gems came from.

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