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Lego Silent Hill is in the house, and survival horror games have a new look

April 2, 2015

Is it me, or do LEGOs have a habit of infiltrating every aspect of our lives? The most famous and fun toy we all grew up with, has seen the confines of our house, and the depths of our kids minds. But it didn't stop there, as the ever so popular building blocks took off in directions no one ever thought would happen.

Star Wars, check, MythBusters TV show, double check, but an actual LEGO movie? Indeed, and it was not anything short of drawing massive attention when it comes to the big screen. So what now? Where does it go from here? How about anywhere it pleases? Like survival horror games, Silent Hill for starters.

You usually don't think about LEGOS when your thinking about scary games. Usually the franchise of toys and the world of Pyramid Head, James Sunderland, Heather Mason, and Robbie the Rabbit doesn't exactly resonate well with that sort of thing.

But if it worked well with Castlevania 4, why not Silent Hill?, and if you haven't yet seen that one either, I seriously suggest you bring a snack along with you, because you're looking a full length feature film, just for the old faithful vampire hunter series.

So did lightning strike twice with Silent Hill? Not fully, but it did manage to land on YouTube in the form of a 22 minute short movie, which is a feat in of itself, since this sort of thing requires patience and dedication, with a dash of skill on the side.

Oh, and yeah, that is what Pyramid Head looks like as a LEGO. You probably saw that one coming a mile away. Make that breakfast to go if you can, because the next 22 minutes of your life is well worth watching this one. James would be so proud.

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