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Let's turn him into a LEGO and see what happens

October 22, 2014

LEGO this, and LEGO that, everywhere LEGOS. Indeed it has become something of a popular storm, with even the movie holding the number 1 spot for a good while. You remember playing with them when you were just a kid, but never thought it would go the distance and become something of an icon.

Now, even Metal Gear director Hideo Kojima has turned into one, or rather a "image" figure of him has been made. Warner Bros. and LEGO decided as a courtesy to do a version of Kojima, using the latest in ....ahem, technology.

Of course, this is only an image, and not an actual LEGO figure that you can just order online, and have it sit on your desk, perhaps planning the next Metal Gear. Now there is just one thing left, and that is to um,......make a LEGO Metal Gear game?

I wonder if that will ever happen, or do you think that's a bad idea and should be left in the idea closet? Fire away in the comment section below on what you think of the cute image made by Warner.

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