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Limited edition Peace Walkers novel

October 24, 2014

For those of you planning on purchasing the new Metal Gear game Ground Zeroes, some of you aren't satisfied with just that. That particular group of people will be getting their hands on the limited edition version of Ground Zeroes, which will come bundled with goodies like a Solid Snake (Big Boss) figure to sit on your shelf and stare at you.

Along with this however, some special editions of GZ will also have a special edition artwork novel made by the famous Yoji Shinkawa artist, who is known for his work in past Metal Gear games.

The name of the novel will be called "Peace Walkers", paying homage to the Peace Walker game that graced our PSPs a few years ago. Hideo Kojima posted these photos on Twitter recently, and added a couple of statements to follow up.

“Here’s a sample of the Peace Walker‘s novelization book included in one of the special editions of Ground Zeroes. It’s lavishly illustrated by Shin-chan (Yoji Shinkawa) in color. That way those that don’t like text-only novels will also enjoy reading it.”

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