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Lord Vinheteiro does one of the best game soundtracks on two pianos

December 30, 2014

If you're a fan of Castlevania games like myself, then your also likely a fan of one of the best video game soundtracks to ever grace your ears. Symphony of the Night is certainly no exception to that rule, as ever since it caught the eye of Playstation and Saturn owners back in the late 1990's, the fans have been wanting some more of that special "MetroidVania" type experience.

One of the not surprising aspects of producing a great game, is you get some great perks in return. Such perks include cosplay performances, art, and one of my personal favorites being musicians who step up to the plate and deliver their own renditions of their favorite video game music.

One such person has caught my eye recently, and I just had to do an article about him. He certainly looks the part, and doing the song "Wood Carving Partita" from SOTN is his forte, at least in this video. For those of you who need a refresher in the memory department, that particular song was played when you entered the library in the normal castle.

The one with tons of books everywhere of course, some of them out to cause damage to Alucard if you weren't careful enough. It is also one of my favorite levels to boot.

Dressing for the occasion, Lord Vinheteiro who now has over 300,000 subscribers and climbing has not only done a fantastic job replicating the song on a piano, but this musician is so good he decided to use two pianos! Complete with candles on the side of course. Talk about dedication from a fellow Castlevania fan.

He is a musical composer, producer, arranger, and sound designer as well, and you can even catch him on Facebook if you want to keep up on some of his updates recently. With over 100,000 likes on that particular page, I'm not a bit surprised considering what I've seen so far from him. You can compare it to the original track below while your at it. Listen to each to see what I mean, and then check out his official page for more information on both him and his musical works of genius.




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