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LovePlus dating simulator producer is leaving Konami

March 16, 2015

The world of love dating simulators isn't exactly a small one, just one that you normally see in places like Japan. Indeed, the Japanese get some of the best games that the rest of the world never sees, and while Konami has seen its share of producing such games, it looks like at least one of those franchises may be coming to an end.

At least for a while. LovePlus producer Akari Uchida and character designer Mino☆Tarō have announced recently on Twitter that they will be leaving Konami. As with the case of other big names like Igarashi and Yamane, they will be pursuing other avenues in the game industry, along with doing the whole freelance thing for their talents.

Mino☆Tarō will be working under a new pen name, Tarō Minoboshi, and also suggested to Uchida in a message that they get together soon. Here is the image that shows how his new pen name should look.

I wonder what they could be cooking up you think?

While they will be missed, for those of you who haven't heard of the LovePlus dating games, here is a run down for you along with a bit of recent history. The LovePlus started out on the Nintendo DS as a release back in 2009, and after launching around 180,000 copies in just half a year, it was called upon to produce a number of other titles and spin offs that included LovePlus+ edition, New LovePlus, and a few arcade and mobile additions to boot.

There were also five manga series to go along with it. You can catch a sample game play video for it below to give you an idea of how it looks.

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