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Meet Axiom Verge, a MetroidVania style game worthy of a second look

April 4, 2016

Who says there is no market for these types of games anymore? Not I, that's for sure. It seems the more technology improves with newer and more powerful consoles, the more people like me come out the wood works and demand game play from a more simple time.

Axiom Verge is certainly no exception to the rule, as once again another "MetroidVania" style game has come to surface, and is making more than just a few waves. Developed by Thomas Happ Games, this morsel of gold takes you back to a by gone era from the days of Genesis and Super Nintendo,....with a dash of Turbo-GrafX-16 thrown in for good measure.

Upon a first look at Axiom Verge, you certainly see where the "Metroid" side kicks in, as it is likely more of that than Castlevania, but you do see some of that *Vania* mixed in. The story follows a failed scientist who dies in an accident, only to awaken in a mysterious alien world.

Sounds about right, and while this puppy has been out on the market for about a year now, it still has yet to make its way to your living room vita all major consoles.

You can download it right now on the steam network for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux, as well as land yourself a copy via Playstation 4. Later this month Playstation Vita, Wii-U, and Xbox One owners will get their copy respectively. Yeah, I said you will certainly want to take this one on a long road trip. Just make sure you're not the one driving.

Already Axiom Verge has had overwhelming reviews through the roof on many major gaming sites, and can throw another thumbs up on the grill from me. After taking this one for a test spin, it will definitely bring back memories of the grateful days of Metroid.....with a touch of Castlevania for extra spice. Check out the video below which is a speed run of it.

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