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Mega Ran has a new beat in store with new Castlevania mp3s

October 28, 2014

Besides the one post I did last year about the possibility of Wu-Tang sampling a Castlevania game, this is the first time in this blog's history that I've done an article on rap artists when it comes on video game music. It's certainly a topic that needs more discussion, especially since the famous Mega Ran, also called Random has been doing tributes to his favorite games and classics.

Among those on his list are the famous Final Fantasy VII, River City Ransom, Ghouls and Ghosts, Mega Man, and now he is fixing to unleash upon the scene his performance based on the greatest Castlevania game ever created, Symphony of the Night.

Those of you who remember that one back in the late 90's know it for a number of reasons, the top most being the awesome musical soundtrack from it. Dance of Gold, Lost Painting, and Dance of Pales are just a few from the soundtrack that kept you coming back for more. SOTN is one Castlevania I will never get tired of, let alone for its incredible music.

Mega Ran, a.k.a. Random is no exception to the rule when it comes to great music, as he has done his very own rendition of Symphony of the Night. His new album, set to be released in just a few short days, is called none other than Castlevania: The Nocturnal Cantata. Before it gets released, you can listen to a couple of Castlevania mp3 tracks right now, not to mention sample some of his other performances from other game titles.

His site is called and yes, the name implies his love for Mega Man the video game, as he has many tracks there based on the series, which is also pretty darn cool to say the least. 

Random is one of those rappers with a twist, unlike the usual ones you're familiar with, as he is a huge fan of gaming as we are, and game music to boot. He has been releasing new albums on a consistent basis for quite some time now, so if you like his material, you should check back at his site often for new releases. Here is a direct link to his Castlevania: The Nocturnal Cantata page if you want to listen to a few tracks there. 

Currently there are two versions you can get, as you can pre-order a digital copy for $7, or you can get a limited edition signed CD for $10. You might want to hurry on the limited edition one if you want that copy. As stated on his site, here are the official track listings from all 13 songs on the new album.

  1. Overture (by Doctor Awkward)  
Aria of the Bloodline 
100 Years
Richter w/The Ranger
Sins of the Father
Young Girl 
Interlude II
Chasing Fate w/The Ranger
Sweet Sorrow w/Sammus and The Ranger
BONUS BEAT: Dance of Gold

The new album releases on June 4th, just 3 days away in case you plan to purchase. Also let me know what you think about his performances in the comment section below, not just from Castlevania, but the other game related albums as well. The entire original soundtrack from SOTN can be found below thanks someone who posted it on YouTube. Cheers!

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