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Memories of classic Castlevania, as told by Angry Video Game Nerd

April 29, 2015

For those who move in both YouTube and gaming circles, the name "Angry Video Game Nerd" might ring a bell for you. This is the guy that has been around for years now, reviewing mostly games that basically suck. His videos are known to be full of some potty mouth and yet hilarious humor for those who dig that sort of thing, and believe me, there are plenty out there.

After watching a number of his videos, this guy basically says what most of us have already been thinking in our heads when we play a game that is too tough, or unfair in nature to handle.

Among those are some exceptions, as he does pick up a good game or two every now and then and give those a review. But even a good game does have some downfalls when it comes to challenge and getting into those annoying spots that have you yelling at the top of your lungs.

Konami games are no exception to the rule, as AVGN does a review of all the major Castlevania games from the very first one on the NES, all the way up to the grandfather of them all.....Symphony of the Night.

If you've played the first Castlevania, then what became apparent when playing it right away is how when you get hit by an enemy, you get knocked backwards, and sometimes end up falling down to your death as a result. Very annoying indeed. The same happened with Simon's Quest, and then again with Dracula's Curse.

By the time the franchise had gotten to Super Castlevania 4, that problem was solved by introducing more control over your character, as well as your whip movement.

Aside from the pitfalls that plagued the challenges of moving from level to level through Dracula's castle, it's better to relive those experiences through the eyes of someone who does all the frustration and cussing for you. Did I say cussing? I suppose I did, as there is quite a bit of it in AVGN's videos. These are among them, so just a heads up warning about it before you press play. NSFW - NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Or even at home if you're in a sensitive situation my friend. OK, I'm covered, and if you're ready for some entertainment, as well as a good laugh to boot, then press play below for a four part series covering your favorite vampire hunting series.......and the frustrations that came with it.

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