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Metal Gear character cosplay part 6 - Sniper Quiet

May 12, 2015

Stefanie Joosten - Model for Quiet

The game isn't even out yet, and won't be until September 1st. But that won't stop fans from giving it their best shot to look just like their favorite Metal Gear characters now will it? The Phantom Pain is likely going to rule the year of 2015, by being one of the biggest blockbuster games ever to hit the gaming scene.

Back in 2013 fans were eager to see any shred of footage from the game, and the more they got, they more they wanted. Since the launch of Ground Zeroes last year, it was only a small taste of things to come.

SPOILER ALERT - If you don't want to see part of the story before playing the game, then skip this section

So while you are in waiting, how about we lift your spirits up a bit with another round of cosplay acts, this time in the form of the sexy and  yet deadly sniper Quiet from The Phantom Pain. Quiet as you may know is a mute woman, and a sniper who was active during the 1980s. She managed to save Big Boss, and ended up turning herself into the custody of the Diamond Dogs.

It was Kazuhira Miller (Kaz) who suggested that she be killed, due to her disovering the location of the mother base.

When the character was first made known back in 2013, it sparked somewhat of a controversy among review sites out there, simply for the style of her, and the fact that they considered it revealing a bit too much skin for some tastes. But then again, it isn't anything you haven't seen before the last time you went to the beach right? Anyway, moving on.

Ocelot and Big Boss instead suggested that she be locked up, but did agree that she should be killed if she became too much of a problem for them. Big Boss insisting that he be the one to do it of course. She was later tortured by Ocelot, and ended up taking down three Diamond Dog soldiers on Mother Base.

The face behind that of Quiet is none other than the beautiful and talented Stefanie Joosten, who modeled for the character and inspired others to do their own cosplay acts. Let's take a look at a few shall we?



Kelly Jean





Quite a lot of fans out there, as these are just a handful of some of the best there are. The famous Kelly Jean included of course, who was likely one of the first to do a cosplay of the sexy and erotic Quiet character. See here for an article with more photos on that. If you have a performance, cosplay act, or something Konami related that you would like to share with the rest of the world, no problem.

Simply use the contact link at the top, or "add your content" link on the side bar. Fill out the contact information, along with some statements about your work and yourself for inclusion in the article.

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