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Metal Gear cosplay knows no bound in the world of fans

October 24, 2014

Seems like there are an ending supply of these, and that's a good thing right? Fans of Metal Gear from all walks of life gather around to show how close to the real thing they can dress up as. Some even go so far as to make their own cosplay outfits, from scratch!

If they have the time to make it, we all certainly have the time to witness it. Even though some are better than others, all are welcome as we take a closer look at how some of these folks will stop at nothing to dress up as Solid Snake Raiden, Grey Fox, or whoever else you can think of.

Also, while your in the neighborhood, cosplay isn't the only thing circulating around the Internet that's worth taking your time to look at. There is a great site dedicated to artwork called DeviantArt, which showcases not only artwork from movies, comics and so on, but also from games like Metal Gear, Castlevania, Silent Hill and many others you can think of.

People from around the world send in their work to be shared with others, and I for one thank them kindly for their efforts. To all of you who make these fine works of art, plus those who take the time to perform the cosplays like the ones you see below, keep up the good work! It's appreciated!

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