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Metal Gear music composer Harry Gregson-Williams into other projects

October 9, 2014

What do The Phantom Pain, Guns of the Patriots, Snake Eater, and Sons of Liberty all have in common? If you said Metal Gear Solid games you're correct of course, but some you might not know who did the music soundtrack to them.

Harry Gregson-Williams is his name, and composing music for Metal Gear is his game, not to mention a number of movies to boot. His new project involves a well known shooter called "Call of Duty", Advanced Warfare that is.

IMDB (International Movie Data Base) has him listed for doing the soundtrack to the new Call of Duty game. On a side note, Troy Baker (voice of Ocelot in The Phantom Pain) and Kevin Spacey (SuperMan Returns) have made the list as well. So how about a sample of his work by checking out the video below, a piece from Snake Eater. Be sure to turn your speakers up and enjoy.

via IMDB
via Harry Gregson-Williams


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