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Metal Gear Online is back in action to satisfy your craves

November 29, 2014

Long time fans of Metal Gear have almost always had one thing in common. More, more, and more when it comes to their favorite tactical espionage action game. So more is what they got in the form of online play with Metal Gear Online. The problem was that the fun started to end somewhere in the middle of 2012, when Konami had announced that MGS Online had been cancelled.

It had been four years almost at the time when a new Metal Gear title was launched for any console format, and the fans were wondering where their next Solid Snake meal was coming from. Well, fear not my friends, as Metal Gear Online is now back and is promised to be better than ever according to famous director Hideo Kojima. That which you have been waiting for is about to erupt in less than 1 week from now. December 5th a new announcement concerning the above will be made crystal clear, along with the details you've so longed for.

It was revealed on Twitter recently that the Game Awards 2014 event will give the new details, and likely reveal weather or not MGO will come packaged with The Phantom Pain, or come as a separate purchase. It is expected that you will get it in the form of a bundle deal, perhaps as an option just as you could with Guns of the Patriots back during its initial launch years ago. So be sure to mark your calendar if you are looking forward to the event, and as always as soon as it is known, I will post about it here as always.

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