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Metal Gear public pranks where fans pull a fast one on unsuspecting people

May 18, 2016

Indeed, pranks are funny. Usually only when it happens to someone else. But as long as no one gets hurt it makes for a good laugh or two right? So says and so does a Metal Gear fan that can't seem to get enough attention from making people go nuts.

For years you've spent more hours than you can count in front of your TV set making the enemy have that official ! appear above their heads as you sneak into their base and take them out one at a time. With the recent success of The Phantom Pain, it's no wonder the franchise has come along way since it's birth way back in 1987, paving the way for more knock-off titles to try and make their own titles.

Most of which still haven't quite come close to the genuine article.

Public pranks are nothing new, but crawling around on the floor looking like Big Boss (a.k.a. Nake Snake) is another thing. If not one that might get you into legal trouble if the authorities caught wind of it. Luckily just as you've managed to win a few rounds against characters in the game, this guy had the guts to pull off a few against live and unsuspecting people.

Always in a crowded area, with onlookers observing what they might think is some deranged lunatic out of his mind. This video is a recut of the original, with the Metal Gear Solid 3 theme music blended in for your pleasure. Special thanks to the person who uploaded and created this mix, along with an even bigger thanks to the guy in the video pulling off these pranks.

From moving around on or off the floor, to hiding inside a box, it's all here. If you want another quick laugh, here is a video of the same caliber that might do it for you.

As for the people who are being pranked, well.....some of them might not see the humor in all of it. But then again you can decide for yourself.

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