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Metal Gear Solid Box Prank will have you laughing your way back to base

November 7, 2015

So many games, and so little time. But hey, you can still make time for a good laugh or two right? Right, and what a better way to do it than with Solid Snake. Metal Gear has been with you for 28 years and counting. There has been so many games released that it's getting harder to keep up with them all.

Thankfully for those of you that managed to get your hands on the Legacy Collection, it made your life a little more consolidated and easier. Now that The Phantom Pain is sitting in many a gaming living room out there, it's only fitting to pull a prank or two on some unsuspecting people is it not?

Nothing wrong with a harmless prank that is, unless you get easily offended. Then you might want to stay home as much as possible. For the rest of us, this video comes courtesy of Heroic Enemy who decided it would be funny to hide inside a box and move around in a crowded place.

I'm sure you know the routine by now. The famous cardboard box that was used in the original Metal Gear Solid has managed to find its way back in The Phantom Pain, and is a dire necessity if you want to move around the enemy and not be noticed.

So see if this makes you laugh your way back to base, and while your at it you can check out some "not so nice but funny" prank phone calls made by Solid Snake to both a gun shop, and even Konami themselves! I guess the joke is on them right? Get ready to laugh.

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