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Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novels every collector must have

June 4, 2015

Time goes by slow when your waiting for fun, and seems to fly when you having it. Such is the case with the new Metal Gear game everyone is waiting on, which is still a few months away. September 1st just can't get here fast enough can it? Thankfully there are enough games to play in the meantime to tide over, and if not that can be still be remedied.

Comic books are nothing new, but putting them in digital format is becoming more and more popular all the time. So much so that the Metal Gear digital graphic novels have at least 5 hours worth of your favorite tactical espionage action, all in the palm of your hand.

For those of you who own a PSP (Playstation Portable), you're in luck, as the first two games based on the Ashley Woods comic book feature music, sound effects, and animation to boot. The PSP version allows you to also use the analog stick to zoom in and out on certain parts of the story as it progresses.

Those without a PSP can still get their hands on the HD Legacy Collection, which pretty much has all Metal Gear games bundled together, including the MSX2 version, which in my book are the real MG games, and not the NES versions which even director Hideo Kojima said he didn't much care for, and did not have a hand in making them.

I've seen some pretty extensive collections in my day, but any dedicated fan will want to get their hands on the Legacy Collection....and who knows. In a few years, we may even be looking at yet another collection set come out on future consoles. After Konami makes a few more titles that is.

Check out the two videos below if you have the time, because you'll need lots of it, and it's still a ways off until September gets here and graces our world with another new Metal Gear game.

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