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Metal Gear Solid reference found in Nisekoi: Yomeiri

October 5, 2014

Romantic love comedy games, you love them right? Well even if you aren't familiar with them, they do exist in one form or another. Such is the case with Nisekoi: Yomeiri!?, a game based on the Shonen Jump romantic comedy harem manga known in Japan. On top of that, there just so happens to be a Metal Gear Solid reference you will notice in the latest trailer, which also shows quite a bit of game play to boot. Nisekoi was made into an anime that was spawned earlier in the year for those of you interested, and can be found on popular streaming sites like CrunchyRoll.

Here is the reference to Metal Gear as you can see below. The second image also shows a Metal Gear inspired mini game you can play during the main game.



This is an English subbed version showing some gameplay footage.

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