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Metal Gear story line used to illustrate the need for alternative energy

April 10, 2015

Gas prices may have come down for the time being, but the problem with getting oil out of the ground is.......well,'s not unlimited. They estimate that the United States alone does have about two centuries worth of oil supply if it pursues it. But what about addressing the world's energy needs above ground?

Believe it or not, a certain Metal Gear story line has brought that up. That's right, Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake for the MSX Japanese computer system. Thankfully after Konami released the Metal Gear collection a while back, you could now play it to your hearts content as a side bonus in your pack.

So how does alternative energy, or bio-based fuels fit into a game that is about tactical stealth action? Good question. Here is your answer. In the game, the world is suffering from an oil shortage. New attempts to drill and go after more oil were not meeting the worlds requirements to keep our cars moving, tar our rooftops, and eliminate our headaches when we reach for an aspirin.

Yes, even aspirin is an oil by-product, and most folks never realized it! So a certain Czech scientist by the name of Dr. Kio Marv discovered a way to produce a new type of algae, which is bursting with the same level of hydrocarbons that normal oil contains.

As a result, he reveals his new findings called OILIX at the World Energy Conference in Prague, and is on his way to the U.S. for a demonstration, when he gets kidnapped by soldiers from Zanzibarland, who want to hold the world hostage by controlling the oil supply through OILIX and older stockpiles of nuclear warheads which were meant to be dismantled.

FOXHOUND Commander Roy Campbell decides to bring Solid Snake out of retirement, and sends him to Zanzibarland to rescue Dr. Kio Marv.

I won't go any further in explaining what is likely one of the best Metal Gear games ever created by Hideo Kojima. This is the Metal Gear that got away from you, and it is in dire need of attention if you're a fan of the series. Now you can since Konami translated it and made it a part of the MG collection.

As for the idea of bio-based fuels used for alternative energy, you may or may not know that algae used to make oil is actually happening right in front of you. Indeed, scientists have already demonstrated that the magic formula for making plants, which can also at least add to the worlds energy supply.

Cheap energy must be a solution turned into a reality in a world that has yet to solve an ongoing problem. Metal Gear just happen to make the point clear once again. Got to love such a well made storyline.

Have they perfected it yet? Not quite, but it is certainly promising in the eyes of those behind it. I for one hope to see a day when it does happen, and while Metal Gear didn't invent this great idea, it did shed some light on it and gave an illustration of its importance.

The concept was also featured on an episode of Modern Marvels called "Environmental Tech", where a bio-reactor plant was in operation, and producing what literally looks like real oil. Any matter left over from the process can be used as a fuel as well.

You can even make plastics and other items that are made from real oil as well. I hope the government is reading this right now.......because this is something that  needs to be funded. Am I right?

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