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Middle class game companies have come and gone

October 22, 2014

I discovered a very informative article today that made some great points about what has been taking place in the gaming industry over the past few years. It's basically rather sick. The disappearance of the middle class games is the discussion. 2d-x points out that lesser known game companies, i.e. companies that don't have the big bucks that say, RockStar games has, are vanishing.

Why? mainly for that reason. Middle class games are the games that don't have the kind of big budget that giant companies have, and yet they still make good quality games.

NeoGaf has taken the sweet time to create a list of every game company that has shut its doors thanks to the lack of support for middle class games. The list is quite long, so be prepared to drop your bottom jaw on the floor. One such company that I dearly miss is Hudson Soft.

Thankfully Konami managed to buy them out due to being the major holder in the company. But Hudson Soft had some financial difficulties over the years, as a result of being a middle class game company themselves. Get prepared to be amazed at how much the industry has suffered some massive losses over the years. Hopefully a problem that will get some serious solving before it's too late.

via 2d-X
via NeoGaf

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