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Middle class games like Odallus take after Castlevania

October 19, 2014

This is another one of those times where you have to show your support for the "Middle Class" game companies, like JoyMasher. Why them?, it's elementary my dear Watson, as they have created a game called Odallus: The Dark Call which takes some inspiration from the Castlevania series, and does it quite well.

At first glance, when you take a look at some photos below it will look like something out of the realm of the 8-bit NES (Nintendo) days gone by. Well, that's because it *is* 8-bit. Yes, you heard right, there is still something of a market for the classic days of gaming, and it has yet to die.

Last year, JoyMasher, an Indie game company was taking donations to make Odallus a reality. Their goal was a small and reasonable 5,000. Did they manage to clear that? Yes, and not only so, they cleared right past $7,500 with room to spare.

Looks like somebody out there wants to make sure this game project gets finished, and so it shall. The expected time release for this cool new gem is sometime the middle of this year, according to the production team. There is but one game play trailer for the first level, but there are also a few teaser images for the 2nd level.

You can also download the demo itself, which will let you play all the way through the first level. The game is both challenging, the music well made in the days of old NES style, and the design is nothing short of a classic tear in your eye.

Makes you want to fire up the original Castlevania from way back when. You can also find out the latest posts and news, along with info on other projects, and even some freeware games to collect using the link below. Check it out in all its glory.

via JoyMasher
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