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Minecraft takes on the world of Silent Hill 2

October 24, 2014

Creativity is a creativity does, and ever since minecraft has taken the gaming scene by storm, it has yet to let up the storm it's caused. This makes yet another Konami game that has been done in minecraft, and just like the Castlevania version this time it's in the form of the great Silent Hill 2.

A game that took horror game fans and gave them a run for their money, and life, back in the Playstation 2 days has earned a place in history. Now that it has been redone in MC, what could it possibly be like in a world that looks a bit like LEGOS? Why not see for yourself, as someone has taken their precious time to make Silent Hill 2 using the MC world to surround it.

What about the voice acting, cinematic, and sound effects? Don't worry your sweet Pyramid Head off my friend, they are all there as the creator of this fine piece of work took the time to make sure everything you need in this classic horror title is there to boot.

I have to give him a perfect 10 for his efforts, and I suggest you check it out below. You won't regret it, and then tell me what you think about his handy work in the comment section below. I'm sure you'll want to grab a copy of that gem and try it for yourself. I know I am.

The intro lasts around 2 minutes, so you if you are short on time feel free to skip just past that part.

For instructions and more info, check out the forum link here.


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