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Mixing Metal Gear characters with Street Fighter games

October 28, 2014

This is one of those unique items I want to see more of. Metal Gear characters like Raiden and JetStream Sam as playable characters in Street Fighter or any other versus fighter that's popular with gamers. I found an interesting site that shows and talks about just that. With this particular mod, you can play Raiden versus JetStream Sam, or Bane, Colonel Sanders, (really?) or just the original cast of characters we've come to know and love over the years.

This special mod is made for Super Street Fighter 4 PC, and seems to be undergoing quite a hack job from all of this. Oh well, the more the merrier right? Even if you're not a fan of beat em ups, or versus fighter games, it still makes for some decent watching enjoyment below. Gee, I wonder if after Blade Wolf makes its debut as a downloadable content for Rising Revengeance this month, if that one will end up on this mod as well.

Perhaps I had better keep my eye on this one, as I might get lucky and see Simon Belmont as a playable character in it soon. Castlevania can have a role in the fighter universe can't it? Perhaps some of you are naysayers to that one. At least Heather from Silent Hill isn't in it!, hehe. If you want to see something really bizarre, take a look at Raiden fighting against Colonel Sanders below.

Metal Gear versus chicken man at its finest. There are two videos for you to watch and see what this whole thing is about. Then feel free to comment about it below, as I'd like to hear your feedback about it and what you think of it. There is also an extensive YouTube channel where a few more like these come from if you want to check those out as well. The interesting mods and hacks just keep coming, and don't look like they will stop anytime soon.

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