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More gaming cosplay acts from artist Kelly Jean

October 24, 2014

Busy busy, that's the Kelly Jean lifestyle, and she just rolled out a few more prints for you to see and purchase at her official online store. Kelly as you may or may not know is not just a really great looking woman, but also a gamer. As a gamer her goal behind the release of these photos is to generate money for a good cause.

The cause is the help those who want to get into gaming, but can't due to physical disabilities. Kelly currently is trying to help a girl who is suffering from such an affliction. A noble cause indeed.

First up, is the new Alice print, now those are some awesome green eyes don't you think? This is likely the best Alice cosplay I've seen so far. Another fine addition to Kelly's arsenal. The other new print is based on the Capcom game Final Fight as the character Poison.

Those in my age group remember that one well. It was one of the hit games that was a major platform for other game companies who wanted to do spin off titles of the same. Final Fight paved the way for future games like Street Fighter! The memories just keep coming.

Also, if you haven't done so be sure to check out her cosplay of Quiet from Metal Gear Solid 5:The Phantom Pain. Yes, Kelly is a fan of Metal Gear too. That's one of the reasons why I started doing theses posts, besides the good cause she is endeavoring, and I still can't get over how close to the real thing she looks. Now on to the links.

Below is her online store, Facebook page, and Twitter page. Feel free to follow Kelly, and leave a message on Facebook. Just remember, no trolling and be nice. These photos are being sold to help those with disabilities who like you, want to play games but can't. Cheers!

Kelly Jean artist store 
Kelly on Facebook
Kelly on Twitter


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