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More massive tribute to one of the best Castlevania games ever made

March 19, 2015

They don't make them like they used to. A line you've probably heard before, and will continue hearing as long as you are mortal. Super Castlevania IV is certainly no exception to the rule, as we pay massive tribute to a game that you will never EVER see repeated again by Konami. Why do I say this? Well, after the initial release of Castlevania 4 on the Super Nintendo, the series had reached the top, and would stay that way until Symphony of the Night came along and joined its ranks.

I personally at this point am concerned about the series, because it seems to be taking off in a new direction, and one that a few fans are not too happy with.

When CIV was released, it was a marvel to behold, especially after Sega had been bashing Nintendo with its "Genesis does what Nintendon't" commercials. The fan boys of the big N were not too thrilled hearing that, and decided that they will get their revenge with the SNES.

Mode 7 effects, an orchestral soundboard, and whatever else you can dream up, the attention and splendid beauty that C-4 delivered was unmatched by any other game out there. When I first heard the introduction and seeing Dracula's grave with the fog drifting overhead, along with the creepy music playing along, I knew I was in for a treat.

It felt like a great horror story was being told to me at bedtime by an uncle. While words can't do it justice, perhaps another well known name can.

Angry Video Game Nerd is a name you may know, especially if you travel in YouTube video circles a lot. He usually takes on lousy games, and talks about his frustrations with them, but for this occasion he talks about Castlevania 4, and the incredible experience it delivers. Although this video below is NSFW and contains some coarse language. Just a quick warning before you press play.

For those of you who never experienced it because you either missed it or were too young, by all means try to get your hands on this title as soon as you can. It has to be played to be appreciated.


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