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Murasaki Baby gets a dose of a Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka

October 9, 2014

Silent Hill fans have always enjoyed more than one aspect of the series, such as the mood altering effects of its horror music. You have none other than Akira Yamaoka himself to thank for that, a name well known in the gaming music soundtrack business. Well, even though he is now gone from Konami's gigantic circle, he is still making waves in the music industry.

Oh yes, besides his "Silent Hill Band" that he performs around the globe, you can also look forward to hearing his beloved music from other games. Such is the case with a new upcoming title called Murasaki Baby. What exactly is this odd sounding game? Let's do a quick nose dive.

Murasaki Baby is just that, a baby. One that carries a balloon and you guide through levels that seem to be some unusual looking environments. Sounds simple, but interesting. Developed by Massimo Guarini, who also had a hand in Shadows of the Damned and No More Heroes, Murasaki Baby was announced at the GamesCom last year, and plans a nice release on the PSVita system.

The recent trailer shows a new character you meet along the way, Bunny Boy. Oh, the cuteness is consuming me! Listen to that Akira based game music! One can look forward to playing this rather unique game this September. In the meantime, check out the video below, and put on a happy face.

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