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New anime episodes based on Monster Chronicles Oreca Battle

October 27, 2014

Monster Chronicles Oreca Battle, also known as Monster Retsuden Oreca Battle is a well known card game will be turning to the world of anime soon, according to a magazine called Coro Coro Comic, in its Saturday issue. When the game machines showed up March of 2012, they allowed you to get monsters, raise them, and combine them in order to form new creatures, a concept that should hold true into its anime counterpart.

The main characters that were featured in the CoroCoro magazine were Kerogon, and the Fire Orega character.

Satoshi Yamaura had a manga of Monster Chronicles within the magazine, which if your a fan of manga like I am, you can appreciate this version as well. The site is located here. The official page for the Oreca Battle card game for those of you who don't know anything or much about it is at Konami-Asia. Even as big as Yu-Gi-Oh! is, some of you likely never thought they went beyond that realm did you?

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