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News story on Russia Today uses a Metal Gear image

October 9, 2014

Once in a blue moon you'll see something game related end up on the news. Sometimes for reasons associated with violence, and sometimes over controversial issues sex related or other reasons. This is one of those special cases that catch your eye, with a news station recently that made use of an image from MGSV: The Phantom Pain.

The name of the news show is called SophieCo from station Russia Today, and the store being covered was about a man named Emmanuel Jal who talks about the tragedy he encountered during his childhood. Jal turned to music and the support of friends to overcome his past after losing his mother during the war in South Sudan.

If you take a look below, you can see the familiar image being used on a display screen as the camera pans by it. Is it intentional? I highly doubt it, as the Fox Engine makes things look pretty realistic. Perhaps they used Google image search to find it, and thought the image was real or something. You can decide for yourself of course.

You can also take a look at the video below, which shows the Metal Gear Solid image in question. There have been a few instances like this in the past from what I understand. Assassin's Creed and Halo were two well known titles among them.

On a side note, the news source did make a mention that the image was from MGSV, although I'm not sure if that was posted before or after this was noticed by someone. If you have some more insight, feel free to add your comments and I will publish them.

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