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Nisekoi (False Love) takes love comedy games to a new level

October 9, 2014

Nisekoi? No, that's not a question, it's a name. The name of a new anime game based on the  is a new anime game based on the well known series. With a trailer coming up next month at the Jump Victory Carnival, this is about a romantic story with a dash of comedy thrown into the mix.

To summarize, it is about a love triangle of sorts, with the main character named Raku Ichij┼Ź, who is the rightful heir to the yakuza group. He is in a position where he must "pretend" to date a pretty and yet arrogant girl named Chitoge Kirisaki in order to prevent a war from happening between their families. Sounds like an odd problem doesn't it?

The popularity of the series has gotten big enough to the point of making an original anime movie, as well as a TV series. Titled "False Love" (Fake Love in Japan) from the original manga, this new PSVita game is scheduled for launch this coming fall, and as with many games like this one, it may or may not ever make it to the Western part of the world.

If not, it would be too bad, as there needs to be more love comedy based releases outside of Japan don't you think? Some food for thought. Watch some video to see what I mean.

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