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No one can come close to this Silent Hill collection

October 22, 2014

Ask yourself a question, what would it be like to own every Silent Hill game, every collectible, every action figure, game guide and novel? Even Robbie the Rabbit plush dolls sitting in your living room. One person can answer that question quite well.

Whitney Chavis is an incredible collector for everything Silent Hill, and by the end of last year had amassed so much, that I seriously doubt too many could outdo it. After spending 14 years collecting SH material, which of course includes all the games, Whitney has put together a video that showcases all the incredible items obtained from well over a decade.

The video lasts over 11 minutes, because it takes a good while to show off all of that awesome stuff. Did you know that a Robbie bath towel existed? Yeah, imaging having that hanging in your bathroom. Whitney has even taken the time to collect large amounts of magazine ads, patches, and other items of interest.

Oh, and let's not forget something, you can't have a great collection like this without having a fan site to back it up right? Indeed, Whitney's site, SilentHillHistoricalSociety contains all the latest news, and events, and whatever else in the SH universe you can think of. So how about a nice congratulations for sharing your collection with the rest of the world? Welcome back to Silent Hill.

via SilentHillHistoricalSociety


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