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Not the cure for cancer, but Dance Dance Revolution makes good therapy

October 24, 2014

Dance Dance Revolution has been around for many years. Making us all want to move our bodies to the latest and greatest beats in the music scene. But can it be a way to fight cancer, or even used as a form of therapy for those recovering from cancer treatment?

Cancer patients are often weak, listless and tired from not only the heart ache of dealing with cancer, but the psychology of dealing with the pain as well. As a way of recovering, doctors and some experts say that exercise and maintaining a wellness state of mind is a great way to combat a recurrence from cancer striking again.

As someone who has not personally faced the situation, I have family members who have and hope to never have to endure the nightmare of dealing with cancer myself. But to those who are going through therapy and treatment, keep in mind the importance of exercise, and one such site has posted an article about how dancing in general, aside from intimacy with your romance might be beneficial to helping those undergoing treatment. 

TheStar has a good read up on how ballroom dancing and other factors can help in patients seeking a means of recovery. If you or anyone you know is having to go through recovery, or has just been diagnosed with cancer, my heart certainly goes out to you and your family. Give that article a good reading and let me know what you think about it. It just might be somewhat helpful to your cause.

By the way, check out that cute kid in the video below dancing to DDR. He's quite good isn't he? 

DISCLAIMER - This article is in no way, shape, or form intended to diagnose, treat, or provide outright evidence for dealing with cancer. Simply to provide a somewhat spiritual and motivational advice for those who are dealing with cancer.

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