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Not Tomorrow is here today with a cool Silent Hill piano cover

November 28, 2014

One thing I never get tired of, is the fans out there who see fit to do these kinds of musical covers for their favorite games. One game soundtrack that has clearly stood the test of time is none other than the Silent Hill series. Ever since the first title launched back in the PS1 days, the fans have wanted more and more, and now we are finally up to yet another title in the works, while also in the hands of director Hideo Kojima.

While you can find quite a number of these YouTube video performances uploaded on a frequent basis, here is yet another that deserves a slice of attention.

The Silent Hill Historical Society has been gaining popularity over the years and brought this to my attention, as I do have a habit of visiting their official Facebook page from time to time. The track "Not Tomorrow" (Lisa Dies) is performed by Clément Boulhol, a musician who did a piano cover recently and is one of the new uploads on the YouTube block that is definitely worth listening to.

As with many from the SH sountrack, this piece was originally composed by the famous Akira Yamaoka who left the company of Konami sometime back. Akira is also doing live shows with his band using the same name. As for Clément, you can also check out some of the other piano covers as well and subscribe to the channel along with it for future uploads. If you want a sheet music for this song you can get it using the link below in .PDF format.

Sheet Music Media Fire Link

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