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Nowhere-01 is promised to take you somewhere great

October 22, 2014

Inspiration comes in many packages, some from movies, and some from games. Silent Hill is the focus this time around, as one person has taken inspiration from it to produce a game that is very similar to the Silent Hill series in many respects.

Nowhere-01 is the name of the game, and it is a surreal third person survival horror title, and just looking at the current image floating around out there you see below, it does look like something taken out of the well known Silent Hill 2 game from the Playstation 2 days.

The synopsis: "Nowhere 01 (Nowhere-One) is an indie third-person survival horror game for PC, set in a nightmarish, surreal, dank world. It is about a man, who's trying to figure out, why and how he's got into this place. On his way back to normal life, he encounters gruesome creatures, obstacles and this hostile world itself trying to trap him."

According to the author, (and yes, it is only one person doing this project so it's certainly important to show some support for this fine fellow) this game will have a free to control camera, and also lack those set backs and problems that have plagued other horror games in the past. I'm sure you know what I mean by that.

There are a few sites you should visit to be brought up to speed on Nowhere-01, and how its development is coming along. The links below will show you some more images, and give you some more insight as to what kind of effort is going into this new project. There will be a Windows version according to the author, and could also make it onto Linux soon after.

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