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Odallus takes the world of 8-bit games to new levels

October 24, 2014

You don't have to be in a certain age group to enjoy classics from the 8-bit Nintendo days. Those days bring back memories of gaming when action titles like Castlevania and Metroid had one thing in common. They were not only great platform games, but they were challenging. Perhaps too challenging for some, but completing them made you that much better of a gamer.

JoyMasher is a company that wants that special era to live on, and in doing so they have already released several games that have the look and appeal of the classic 8-bit and 16-bit games you've played from your youth, or have likely tried in recent years thanks to formats like Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

One such game currently in development is the up and coming Odallus: The Dark Call. After witnessing some of the video footage below, you can see that Odallus has borrowed some elements from Castlevania games during their golden years. A great starting point I think, and by the middle of next year, Odallus will be on your hard drive ready to play.

From the creators of Oniken, Odallus is unlike many older 8-bit titles, in that it is a non-linear game, meaning that there are multiple paths for you choose from, each containing a different assortment of enemies to deal with. There are a variety of weapons and power ups you can choose from too, with quite a number of enemies and large bosses to battle. 

The demo for Odallus: The Dark Call has been out for a while now, but after playing it if you feel like you want to get in on getting some extra goodies for your copy, you can do it far in advance right now at their official page. Based on the amount of contribution, you can get anything from beta testing access, all the way up to getting your name in the credits along with an actual physical copy of a NES cartridge version of Odallus.

Even small things like digital Artwork come with some contributions to the project, being as small as $3, or if you're made of money, as much as $2,000.

JoyMasher is a very small company that operates on receiving funding to complete their games. Founded early last year as an indie game studio by Danilo Dias, Thais Weiller and Marco Galvão, their goal is to make 8-bit and 16-bit era games based on those you and I grew up with.

But since they are not self funded, and a very small company, they rely on outside aid, and have to work regular day jobs to pay those bills each month. Now that is dedication, and if you want to check out some more of their other work, like Oniken and other titles besides that which also happen to be freeware, you can do so here. Otherwise, check out some video of Odallus below.

Odallus: The Dark Call demo
Oniken Demo and Full game
JoyMasher other freeware games


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