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Oh where oh where has my Hudson Soft games gone, a look back at the TurboGrafX-16 & PC Engine

April 17, 2016

Good things never die, they just get resurrected in some manner. Well, that statement may be true for some, but not for all. Hudson Soft was a company that made more than a few waves in the gaming industry. So much so that NEC's TurboGrafX-16 came bundled with Bonk's Adventure, one of the best of the best Hudson games to come along in a while.

So what happened to what seem like a giant in the footsteps of your living room? As with the case with a lot of game companies that go belly up. They suffered from financial problems, and thankfully were bought out by Konami, who had a major foothold in the company to start with.

While they were somewhat "rescued" by Konami, the new question is.....well.....what now? There are a number of Hudson Soft games floating around out there. The Bonk series, Adventure Island series, Star Soldier, Bomberman, Far East of Eden, Neutopia 1 & 2, and Legendary Axe 1 & 2 just to name a few.

Oh, and did I mention these listed are all TurboGrafX-16 / PC Engine games? Yes indeed, the ill fated console that had a hard time competing with Sega and Nintendo made up a large portion of the system's library of games.

Not to mention the NES, Super NES, and titles that were released all the way up to around 2010, when Hudson unveiled their new Bonk game at the electronics show which never saw the light of day.

Still, even after all of that, there is a major outcry coming from die hard fans to resurrect some of the above games, and for good reason too. Why do you think in recent years there has been so many Kickstarter and Indie funded games, many of which are based on hardcore classic platform style games.

It's because there is still a huge demand for these gems, and one that will satisfy even younger gamers that are so used to big open 3D worlds using the latest graphic technology. Sometimes a little "cartoony" style action game is just fine with me and you.

So which games do you think Konami should revive? So far they've managed to release a new Bomberman game on mobile platforms, but I personally want to see Bonk make a return, as well as all of the others listed above.

The footage below is that of a new Bonk title that was developed for the Xbox 360 and never made it to production after Hudson went bye bye. Plus a video of the top 5 titles for NES made by the company.

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