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One fan shows how David Bowie appears in various games

October 19, 2014

David Bowie, when you hear that name what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Let's Dance?, or perhaps Modern Love or Space Oddity? If you are a fan of the man behind many hair styles, you might not have ever thought of the idea of him being something of an influence in video game characters?

Konami humorously thinks that might be the case, with a funny photo with side by side comparisons of David Bowie next to characters from Metal Gear games.

Whether its Kaz, Raiden, or even Solid Snake, there seems to be a photo for each version of Bowie, along with his ever changing hair do. Konami isn't the only one suggesting this phenomenon, as a website called "Video Game Look Alikes" seems to hit on the issue as well, making a number of comparisons to games other than Metal Gear.

Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, and Kingdom Hearts were thrown into the mix, along with a bit of humor to boot. Even Miles Edgeworth from the "Ace Attorney" series was given a hint of Bowie influence.

Of course this is all just coincidence in the end, but the concept is good for a few laughs. Do you know any game characters that look like David, or has the photo and link below pretty much covered them all? Fire away in the comment section of you have any funny photos you would like to share.

via VideoGameLookalikes

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