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One of the best game music soundtracks gets a boost

October 5, 2014

If you are a huge fan of the Suikoden game series, then the name Yumiko Takahashi might ring a bell for you. The famous RPG series is known for some of the best video game soundtracks you can imagine, and while the series has taken  a back seat for sometime now, you can still enjoy some of the work produced by Yumiko, as it will be joining forces with Panzer Dragoon composer to produce a new album called Journey, by the ensemble Akane.

Other inspirations in the mix include big names like Crimson Dragon, with a dash of Final Fantasy as well from composer Nobuo Uematsu. Publisher Brave Wave will be hosting pre-orders on their official site, and for those you who want a digital download only version, your price will be $10, while limited edition orders will be $16 for a CD print. As it stands you can sample a track called "Dragon's Journey", which is the main theme to Crimson Dragon. As for us Suikoden fans, how about another visit to that well known and well loved Reminiscence track from one of the best RPG games ever to grace your controller? And don't forget, be sure to join us on Facebook at the official Revival Movement page, where you can connect with thousands of other fans who share your interests.

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