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One of the hardest Konami games makes the top 10 list with Contra

March 5, 2015

Oh where oh where is that cheat code when you need it? It's always been there, in the form of what most people know as the Contra code, or Konami code since it has been used far beyond the realm of just the classic run and gun shooter game. So much so that WatchMojo has decided to put it in one of their top 10 lists for the hardest games of all time.

After the classic hit first made the scene back in the late 80s, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy and run home to stick it in my NES console.

After having played the arcade version so many times, and going through a fist full of quarters in the process, I decided it was time I owned a home version for myself. Needless to say as so many others the game rocked and was every bit of a challenge as the arcade version. That was also a problem for me, and making it through the game on just a few lives wasn't cutting it.

Then after talking to a friend who had already beaten the game, I learned about the code. At first I was like "What the hell?" UP UP DOWN DOWN WHAT? He had to tell me at least three times before it sunk in. I thought the code was a bit too long at first, and then after a few moments I realized it was easy to remember.

It was just the recipe I  needed to finish such a difficult game, because trust me, if you've never played Contra before, it takes a game master to finish it with what few lives you have by default. Those days are long gone, but not forgotten, and thanks to a few efforts from Konami and the availability of Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo online networks, you can relive those days once again. In doing so, you'll also remember how hard it was in the process. To be young and in love again.

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