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One of the most fun shooter games ever created could use another sequel

February 9, 2015

If the name Gradius hasn't become a household name by now, then something is desperately wrong. One of the most fun shooter games has had more sequels and spinoff titles than you can rub a truck through. Everything from hits like Xexex, Parodius, to even a Gradius Rebirth that took off on the Nintendo Virtual Console a few years ago has kept the spirit alive in more ways than one.

So what happened to the series? It seemed to fizzle out for the most part after Gradius 5 hit the Playstation 2 console back in the early 2000s. When it did however you can bet it delivered a joyride of incredible graphics and special effects that pushed the PS2 hardware to the kinds of limits never before seen on any game system.

Now that its been years since the debut of this awesome shooter title, the fans have been starving for more of what they saw with part 5. Will it ever happen is the next question. With the death of PS2, and having now gone through another generation of game systems, we are at a brink of technology that would yeild a fantastic shooter game to the likes you have never seen.

Imagine a Fox Engine based shooter where even the Vic Viper ship itself looks real. Sound too good to be true? I say never say never, even though there are only 24 hours in a day but as long as the series has been running you can bet it'll get a second wind one day. It's just waiting its turn for someone in the company to step up to the plate and say hey!, this would be a good idea. Perhaps a remake at least could be in order.

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