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One of the top classic RPG games of all time

October 9, 2014

What do contemporary and classic games have in common? Almost nothing these days if you think about it. So much has changed over the years that hard is a time when you will see a title pop up that borrows from the days of old when gaming was bold. The Suikoden series is certainly no exception to the rule, and just so happens to be one of those lost gems to so many out there that they've never even heard of it.

Such a shame, and such a waste. Especially in the wake of far more popular titles like Final Fantasy and big hit MMORPG hits like Warcraft. So where does one turn to unearth these gems and get to know them, especially if you're new to them altogether?

One site sees fit, as a lengthy review for the original Suikoden, a top classic RPG game that needs some more attention. Because once you've had a dose of it, you're going to want to rush into it's lesser printed for circulation sequel. Which is also the most popular of the series. Kuga does a nice review at Fandompost, and is pretty well in depth as to why this precious gem deserves your attention, should you be one of the unfortunate ones that never had a chance to embrace it.

Gone are the days when you can hook up your PS1, unless you have an old TV set, and can break away from your current generation console to enjoy it.

On another note, the same review also pays tribute with an honorable mention and a link to a group that I myself belong to, the Suikoden Revival Movement. A group dedicated to not only keeping the spirit of the series alive, but also gathering new members and building support in an effort to bring about a new game.

Oh yes, perhaps you've waiting on a part 6 to come to pass. Or maybe you would just like to see the first two or more titles ported to other formats like Xbox Live, PSN, or mobile gaming formats. In any case, we have you covered, as we support all of the above. I invite you to come join us today and give our page a like to show your support. You can also make some new friends along the way. Drop by and say hello why don't you?

via Suikoden Revival Movement

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