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One of your favorite new animated movies lands in 2016

December 14, 2014

Fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG series have been waiting a long time for news of a new animated movie to hit the scene, and they won't have to wait any longer. As of tomorrow the official site will be launched and ready for updates to the new YuGiOh film. An expected launch date of 2016 is currently set, for Japan that is as there is currently no word if a release will take place in any other part of the world.

That is usually expected at first, and one can only assume that there would be a release later on if the film is well received by the fan base. After all, Konami subsidiary 4K Media was looking into distributors outside of Asia and is looking forward to satisfying as many fans as possible.

The first movie did pretty well, and this one will also be starring your favorite anime characters such as Yūgi Mutō and his long time rival Seto Kaiba. With the launch date being set for 2016, that also coincides with the 20 year anniversary of Kazuki Takahashi and the famous manga magazine of the same name. Nice timing indeed.

While this is great news, here is some extra gravy on the side. There are also plans to make another introduction of the 2000 original Yu-Gi-Oh! anime shows will be remastered in celebration of the same 20th anniversary. Sounds like cake and ice cream time to me. Be sure to visit the official site for the film, and while your at it for those who still need a reminder you can also catch your favorite anime shows online for the series by checking out the site which launched earlier this year. Also contained there is news updates as well as information on characters and events taking place in the franchise.

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