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Order of Ecclesia - A second look at one of the best video game soundtracks from Castlevania

December 10, 2015

A second look? Perhaps that should read a second listen right? Oh, and by the way, where have the side scrolling 2D platform games gone? Well, they are still around in some form or another, just not any new ones being made that is. With the exception of Indie or Kickstarter funded projects, most of them have moved into the realm of huge 3D worlds and such.

Something that many Castlevania fans wished had never happened. Which is exactly why much of the fan base is still active with older titles like Order of Ecclesia. Back when it first launched in 2008, I had really high hopes for this Nintendo DS gem, and they were not only met, but far exceeded in my opinion.

For the first time in Castlevania history, you had a female for the main character. Sure there was the playable Maria Renard during the Rondo of Blood days, and then again on the Saturn version of Symphony of the Night (Nocturne in the Moonlight), but as for a main character, and the center role in the entire game this was a first for us all.

Order of Ecclesia also introduced a new attack system called "Glyph", which Shanoa can use different forms of as well as absorb new abilities along the way. It also introduced outside environments to explore like water level, mountains, and huge caves which gave the player something to look at rather than your average Castlevania castle walls as with past titles.

What else did it bring to the table for us? One heck of a video game soundtrack that is worthy of your attention. Something to listen to in the car while driving to and from work or school. Game music is nothing new, but is certainly something that has gained so much momentum that there are even concerts conducted where the best soundtracks are played.

While we can't all show up at any one concert, fortunately there is YouTube, and those kind enough to post some of these great works of art. Like this one below. Take a trip down memory lane and then wish we could all go back there for a second helping.

Castlevania - Order of Ecclesia Soundtrack


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