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Organ medley tribute pays honor to various Castlevania game music sountracks

December 22, 2015

Here we go again, and we never get tired of these do we? Of course not. How can you ever get tired of hearing one of the best game music soundtracks ever created? When Castlevania first released on the NES back in 1987, many people took a look at it and had mixed emotions about it before first playing it.

The main appeal is that creepy cover on the front showing Dracula, a haunted looking castle, and a big muscle bound hero wielding a giant whip that looked like it could ruin your weekend if in the wrong hands. Yes, your childhood memory at the video game rental store had you picking up that sucker and begging mom or dad to let you take it home for the weekend.

Provided it wasn't already checked out. After all, it wasn't the type of Konami game that just sits on the shelf collecting dust.

Since then one thing about the Castlevania series became crystal clear with fans out there. It had a killer soundtracks. One that you could listen to in the car while driving to work, and then again at home on your huge 15" speakers.

The thoughts of storming through the castle thrashing zombies, bats, and skeletons pierced through your head as you sat back and listened to vampire killer or even something more recent like "The sinking old sanctuary" from Castlevania Bloodlines.

It made you wonder if there will ever come a day when Konami will take every single song from every Castlevania game and put them all into one massive collection for fans to put their hands on.

Well, in the meantime, here is one fan that went an extra step to show her appreciation for the series, by playing a medley of different Castlevania tracks using an organ. Indeed, and what an appropriate instrument for the cause, as the organ is one thing you've definitely heard over and over again when playing.

It is literally a fundamental aspect of the series isn't it?, and represents a testament to that "Gothic" feel and sound of the game that simply must be a part of it. Her name is Ulla Olsson, and along with playing the organ she delivers a rather Gothic look herself, along with some nice visuals to boot.

This has to be one of the more dedicated and well made tribute videos I've seen in a while, and certainly worthy of your attention. See below for a smile and a blast from the past to boot.

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